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S w e e t S u m m e r – The scoop on ice cream

… and where to find the coolest treats


Photography by Nick Trail

Cookie dough delicious
Cookie Dough Ice Cream in a chocolate icing dipped jar.

Topped with chocolate chips, whipped cream, chocolate
drizzle and a scoop of cookie dough.

The Yard
15801 L C Hilton Jr. Drive
Panama City Beach







Holiday Cheer

Strawberry base, pretzel and caramel infused ice cream topped with whipped cream.

Frozen Dune
17292 Front Beach Rd, Suite 103
Panama City Beach





Fruity Pebble
Ice Cream

known as the
ice cream,”
there is simply no
better description.

Monkey Licks
11840 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach



Snicker Bar Split

3 scoops of pralines and cream ice
cream, Snickers bar split in half,
topped with rich hot caramel,
fresh whipped cream and
your choice of
nuts and a

Pink Pelican
543 N Richard Jackson Blvd
Panama City Beach



Warm Chocolate

Truffle Goo

Sweet cream ice cream,
chocolate mousse
and chocolate sauce.

George’s at Alys Beach
30 Castle Harbour Drive Alys Beach





Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Made the old fashined way! “We
make our ice cream from scratch,
on-site daily. Just like your grandma
used to make it,” say the

Homemade Ice Cream Shop
14660 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach






Scooped: chocolate dipped waffle cone
with chocolate sprinkles and a
double-scoop of raspberry truffle
ice cream made by Bassetts Ice Cream
(America’s oldest ice cream company)
Artisan Rolled:
cookies and cream ice
cream with whipping
cream and cherry on top!

Riviera Creamery
12700 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach



Tiny Bikini

Two scoops
of refreshing
water ice with creamy
soft serve ice cream in between.
The best of both worlds, water ice is similar
to a sorbet, so it’s made the same way as ice cream,
without the dairy or eggs.

1200 US-98
Mexico Beach


Drunken Donut

French toast ice cream,
topped with chocolate
flakes, Charlie’s Donuts (from
Alys Beach) and marshmallow fluff

Blue Mountain Creamery
4562 and 2129 S Co Hwy 83
Santa Rosa Beach







Move over s’mores,
there is a new treat
in town. Rolled chocolate
ice cream topped with
sprinkles, graham teddy
bears and a toasted
reminds of a summer
night by the campfire!

Mr. Puff’s
8721 Thomas Dr. B
Panama City Beach





The Martin

Peanut butter fudge Loony Shake
piled high with movie theater
treats (M&M’s, chocolate sauce,
whipped cream, popcorn and a
pretzel rod).

Vinny and Bay’s
310 Harrison Avenue, Panama City

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