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Whether long-time owner or new investor, those who take pride in bringing historic buildings to new glory often invest great amounts of time and money to do justice to the old structures and preserving Panama City’s historic look, which in turn will help small businesses thrive in this location. We have asked several owners to let us know what it took to achieve the beautiful results that we see today in Downtown Panama City and historic St. Andrews.

Catherine Fitzsimmons Shores, the co-owner of a section of commercial real estate along Harrison Avenue, Panama City’s main thoroughfare, has dedicated much time and effort to restoring the brick facades and interiors of the buildings.

Investing in the restoration of historical buildings will preserve Downtown Panama City’s historic look and has helped many small businesses thrive in this location.

“300 Harrison Avenue was constructed of a terra cotta masonry unit with stucco coating on top. We chose to resurface the facade with a recycled Old Chicago brick to achieve a historic look of strength and permanence.

“At 304 Harrison Avenue, we were able to remove a stucco coating to reveal a mix of red- and buff-colored bricks. We embraced the eclectic mix for this rather small space and are thrilled with the result.

“306, 308, and 310 together were originally the old Ford dealership. The stucco coating was impossible to remove without compromising the integrity of the bricks. We chose to resurface with a buff brick for this front. This resembles the bricks made in this area called Chipley brick.

“We love the warmth, resilience, and low maintenance of brick. It’s the perfect material for our historic downtown”

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