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Building Waterfront Homes – Koehnemann Construction

Multi-award winning builder Rick Koehnemann has been constructing homes for 36 years in Bay County. Throughout the years he has built 85 waterfront homes. One of his priorities is to keep current on all new building industry trends and products. He visits several building trade shows such as the International Builders’ Show every year in Las Vegas.

Rick Koehnemann

Rick Koehnemann

The number of homes that Koehnemann Construction has built in Bay County speaks volumes and he sees a high number of repeat customers who recommend him to their friends and family members. In decades of building houses, Rick has seen many changes to regulations, building codes, customers’ taste and style of houses and shares his expertise: “There is a lot more engineering needed for constructing a house than twenty years ago. Houses have become more resilient, more durability is required, six-inch walls are standard now, and more considerations in structure and energy efficiency are needed. The cost of electricity will continue to go up and that’s why we are looking more and more into things like geothermal heating and cooling and spray foam insulation.”

It is believed that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be more restrictive in the future and will keep raising the flood elevation requirements for waterfront homes. “No one has a crystal ball, but if you are planning to build a house now, you would not want it to be built too low. Houses that were built too low might see a reduction of their value in the future,” Rick Koehnemann states and continues “Metal roofs have become the roof of choice. I have a metal roof on my house. The reflectivity bounces back a lot of the radiant heat and it has more wind resistance.”

Building a waterfront home will also require special attention in regard to materials used. He states “Durability is an issue on the water and building by the water will require the use of prime materials like stainless steel and aluminum. Impact glass might be required and the building will have to be structurally enforced.”

With the successful construction of 85 waterfront homes in the Bay County area, two recent Koehnemann Construction projects will help us showcase special building conditions for waterfront homes on the next few pages.

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