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ANALOGUE: MYFEVER’s New Summertime Psalm

Panama City natives MYFEVER have once again penned us the perfect summer tune, but it’s probably not what you think.

In lieu of their trademark sentimental shade and West Coast quirk, the band have opted shamelessly for a straight rock mechanic with a message that’s often embraced but hardly ever adopted. And as can be expected, they own every second of it.

“Analogue” begins with a distorted dose of tonal grime, like it’s being played through an empty SpaghettiOs can. The sound then opens up, as if emerging from water, and you’re instantly transported to whatever freaky riff-world that bassist Daniel Ard lives in. He’s competing with one of the most singable melodies vocalist Weston Hine has ever written. And there might almost be a clear victor, if it weren’t for how perfectly complementary both parts seem to be.

In a mostly unexpected turn of musical phrase following the second verse, the song takes a diminished dive that’s both refreshing and creative—half-stepping the undercurrent chords away from the melody, while continuing to support the vocal through-line. (I know this because I had to throw on my own guitar just to figure it out.) Then it’s back to business for another few measures. Clocking in at 3:04, “Analogue” takes one last jolt near the end, cutting a chorus short with just enough time for a quick repeat before wrapping.

The song’s lyrics are a love letter to a culture devoid of screens—one that most of us have forgotten. I choose this terminology because it’s not just your typical nostalgia for the pre-smartphone era. It’s openly acknowledging that life without “likes” still exists in the cracks if we’re willing to look for it. That opportunity for awkward, visceral connection is all around us, and those “analogue” moments we all secretly long for—they never really vanished.

MYFEVER is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band members are Weston Hine, Garrett Hine and Daniel Ard. View their tour schedule at myfeverband.com, and be sure to listen to “Analogue” online wherever music is streamed or sold. Then put down your phone….

Upcoming Concerts:

July 4
Aaron Bessant Park
Panama City Beach, FL

August 2
Downtown Fountain Inn
Greenville, SC

For more dates and information visit: myfeverband.com/epk

Nick May

Nick May is a native Floridian who grew up writing and playing in the Panama City arts and music scene. He is the author of "Megabelt, Minutemen and Molecricket" and lives along the Gulf Coast with his wife, Kayla, and their dog, Brother. Currently, he is working on a fantasy series for kids and young adults. Find Nick online at heynickmay.com

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