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“Fish in a Tree” Reviewed by Emily Skelton


I love to read. I do it all the time! My all-time favorite book is Fish in a Tree (2015) by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. It is about a girl named Ally Nickerson, who loves to doodle but doesn’t like doing schoolwork. She’s a trouble-maker and is often called names.

One day, she gets a new teacher named Mr. Daniels. He realizes that Ally is dyslexic and helps her learn to cope with it. He also teaches her that great minds don’t always think alike and that she is a smart girl. Soon, she meets new friends; Albert, a big and smart kid, and Keisha, a cook and “the encouraging girl.” As Ally goes through her school year, she gains courage to stand up to the bully Shay and her partner, Jessica, who have been making fun of her since they learned she has dyslexia. Ally’s courage grows from spending time with her new friends who believe in her.

Standing up to bullies is very hard to do but it is also very important. It’s hard not to break down under pressure, but it is very important that people stand up to bullies because they will only get worse unless you stand up to them. And that is exactly what Ally does.

The handful of plot-twists and jokes makes this my favorite book. There are many funny sentences in this book. One of my favorites is when Ally says she likes to watch the pictures in her head, and she says, “My recent favorite is a snowman that works in a
furnace factory.”



Emily Skelton is 10 years old. She is in the fifth grade at Deane Bozeman Elementary School. She has been learning French and hopes to go to France one day to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. She doesn’t know exactly what job she would like to have when she grows up but is interested in being an author, a scientist, or a pianist. She tells us that she is the youngest in her family and has four sisters and one brother, three dogs, and three cats. And parents.


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