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FireFly: The Elegant Pepper-Crusted Stuffed Filet Mignon

Since opening its doors a decade ago, Firefly’s pepper-crusted stuffed Filet Mignon has remained their most popular dish. On a menu that is continuously evolving and changing, this dish remains a staple. Chef Derek Langford starts with an eight oz. filet of choice beef, grills it to perfection and then slices it in half. It is then stuffed with a superbly seasoned combination of cream cheese, feta, spinach, and bacon. All of this perches on a rich garlic cream sauce that has just the right amount of tang to bring out the flavors of the steak and filling. Finally, it is topped with a crown of crispy fried haystack potatoes that add a wonderful touch of sweetness and crunch. This hearty, perfectly seasoned plate of dining extravagance draws visitors and locals back time and again, and it has for years. Patrons can enjoy a cocktail in Firefly’s library lounge and then tuck in to the big, bold flavors and luxe ingredients that keep taste buds transfixed.

535 Richard Jackson BoulevardPanama City Beach, FL 32407
(850) 249-3359

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