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Dear Prudence: The Story Behind the Song Reviewed by June C. Lloyd


“Dear Prudence” (2015), by Prudence Farrow Bruns, is an intimate and candid and, at times, graphic memoir that spans continents and a lifetime. Prudence, the inspiration for the 1968 Beatles song, describes her lifelong journey to inner peace.

I first met Prudence in 2015 as I completed a 200- hour yoga certification. Prudence and I are close in age and I was naturally curious about how she had lived her life. I spent an afternoon with her as she shared her story. Her face, framed by long silver hair, was earnest and devoid of makeup. But it was her intensely blue eyes and calming gaze that radiated powerfully throughout the room. I was mesmerized by her presence.

Our generation grew up during the cold war hysteria, the turbulent sixties and seventies, amid turmoil and discontent. She was a part of this history, overcoming tremendous and daunting obstacles in her personal quest, and I could not wait to read her book.

This book tells of her tenacity in pursuing and ultimately finding her own truth. She tells her story with an honesty that particularly resonated with me. I constantly reevaluate truth, beauty, and happiness. Prudence may have had a more unconventional path than most of us as we find our own way and “Dear Prudence” offers inspiration to those whose journey is ongoing.


June Cooper Lloyd, born in Panama City, graduated from Bay High in 1965. Her parents started Cooper’s News. June received a BS in Journalism from Florida and an MBA from Georgia. She returned to Panama City from Auburn, Alabama after retiring in 1997. She has two sons and five grandchildren. June is a retired commercial insurance agent and, with her late husband Bill, was one of the founders of Dixie Stampede in association with Dolly Parton. She likes to sing, play bridge, and travel. June is also a certified yoga instructor, having been inspired after meeting Prudence Bruns and reading her book.

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