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“Addie and Me” Reviewed by Lori White

Have you ever had a “dragon” in your life? A task that seemed daunting, and you weren’t sure how you were going to overcome it? I know I have! Children have them, too! And the earlier we teach children how to overcome “dragons,” the smaller and more manageable their dragons will be throughout life. Addie and Me (2017) is a series of what will be a total of eight children’s books, written and illustrated by Breanna Sager. Each book features a different child and the challenges children confront.

In a vibrant, colorful and adorable way, the books tell the tales of a young boy or girl who is accompanied by a dragon named Addie. Addie may be small enough to fit in a pocket, or he may grow to an enormous size, interrupting the typical day in a classroom. As Addie grows bigger, the boy begins to recognize that there is a trusting adult to offer him help. Geared towards children ages 2-10, the books offer a comforting way to begin the conversation with a child about what he or she might be experiencing.

What I love most about the books is that there are different versions, each illustrating a girl or boy that a young reader can relate to and think, “They look just like me!” As an adult, I realize that the dragon Addie stands for many problems a child might experience, such as ADHD or anxiety. But the beauty of Addie the Dragon is that no labels are required! Adults play a big role in teaching the child how to handle the dragon, whatever the problem might be. That’s the key…Addie simply requires the help of an adult to learn and to be open to understanding and love. The books are designed to begin the conversation of what a child may be experiencing and is a way to problem solve to determine what tools can be put in place to help. The result is success and understanding, in social and emotional skills and in life, one child at a time.



Lori White is the Staff Development Director at First United Methodist Church Preschool. She has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, and is passionate about helping children build a foundation that will last a lifetime. Lori loves to spend time at the beach, watch her youngest son play sports, and she hopes to visit Hawaii one day.

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